Entering the Profession

I study at Minsk Institute of Management. Our Institute was founded in 1991. It has a day-time and a correspondence departments. There are four faculties at our Institute: Law, Economics, Accounting and Finance, High Level Specialists’ Professional Improvement. The admission to the Institute is by examination in the form of centralized testing.

Our Institute enrolls about 11 000 students. More than a thousand freshmen enter it every year. The course of study at the Institute lasts five years.

The Institute has several buildings for lectures and seminars. There is a library, computer centre with Internet access, language laboratories, TV studio, gym and other facilities in it. The Institute has all modern equipment to make our studies more effective and interesting. The students can also do any sport or any recreation activity they are fond of. More than 300 efficient lecturers, instructors and tutors work at the Institute.

After five years of studies the students receive a high school diploma. After one additional year they are granted a master’s degree.The Institute gives the students a solid background and prepares them for practical work .

I am a student of the Faculty of Law. I am in my first year. When I entered the Institute I had a vague idea of my future occupation. Having studied a lot of legal subjects such as Theory of Law, State and Law, Criminal and Public Law, I realized the necessity and importance of my line. All that I have already learnt has stimulated my interest to my studies

After graduation I’ll be able to find the job in accordance with the knowledge I get, as our department trains specialists for working in all fields of law.

Task 1. Answer the question:

1. When was the Institute founded?

2. How many departments does it have?

3. What faculty do you study at?

4. Is the admission to the Institute by examination or by interview?

5. How long does the course of study last?

6. Are there any facilities at the Institute?

7. What do the students receive at the conclusion of studies?

8. In what way can the students continue their studies at the Institute?

9. Where would you like to work after graduation?

Task2. Mach the adjectives with the nouns:


secondary lecture

recreation testing

national study

special department

correspondence field

dull education

centralized activity

solid work

stiff institutions

practical exams

intensive background

Text 2.